Make Care Fair Campaign

The pandemic has shown us that care work – paid and unpaid – is the backbone of our economy. People who provide care and support for others, including parents, unpaid carers and the childcare and social care workforce, form an invisible network that holds our society together.

But there are three major problems:

Lack of childcare 

There is not enough funded childcare. The Childcare Offer is only available for children from the age of three, with some very limited support for two-year-olds in Flying Start areas. This leaves many parents, especially mothers, unable to return to work or increase their hours and drives families into poverty. 

Workforce challenges 

The care sector is in crisis. Across childcare and social care, pay and conditions are poor and do not reflect the value of these roles. Skilled staff leave for better paid roles elsewhere, which leaves many people’s care and support needs unmet. 

Unpaid carers filling the gaps

Staff shortages are having a serious impact on unpaid carers in Wales, who often must step in without adequate support or breaks. Many struggle financially and with physical and mental health, which is impacting their ability to provide care and support for their loved ones. 


This needs to change! We want to ‘Make Care Fair’ by campaigning for: 

  • Investment in care to reduce poverty and inequality and boost the economy 
  • Expanding the Childcare Offer to all children from the age of 6 months, provided by a sustainable and diverse workforce.
  • A real living wage for social care and childcare workers, alongside better opportunities for career progression
  • Unpaid care work for all ages to be recognised and supported appropriately.

Help us campaign for change:

When paid and unpaid carers are treated fairly, we all benefit. Take part in our campaign, and together we can change the lives of paid and unpaid carers in Wales.

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