Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales are running the Diverse5050 campaign alongside Electoral Reform Society Cymru, Race Council Cymru, and EYST Wales (Ethnic Youth Support Team). We are calling for political parties to:

  • Publish party diversity plans
  • Commit to collecting and publishing data on the diversity of their candidates and eventual elected representatives in the 2021 Senedd elections and 2022 Local Government elections
  • Make manifesto commitments for 50:50 gender balance alongside increasing diversity of representation of LGBT+ people, people of colour and disabled people in the Senedd through positive action to ensure that the Senedd is reflective of the population it serves.

Diverse5050 campaign partners:

Diverse5050 campaign supporters:

Diverse5050 has the support of 21 organisations (approx. 17k members). To add your voice as a supporter of the Diverse5050 campaign, please contact Hilary Watson hilary@wenwales.org.uk


More information:

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