*UPDATE 22/11/2021*

“We are delighted by today’s announcement that there will be legally binding gender quotas in the Labour/Plaid Cymru co-operation agreement. This is a historic moment – quotas have always been a key ask of the Diverse 5050 campaign coalition and represent a huge step forward for guaranteeing gender equality in the Senedd for years to come.


But gender equality on its own is not enough – we must do more if we are to see a Senedd that truly reflects the Welsh population with greater representation for Black, Asian and minority ethnic women, disabled women, and LGBT women.


As the 21 organisations behind the Diverse 5050 campaign we want to see diversity quotas or strong positive measures to include all underrepresented groups in our politics. It took 20 years for a Black, Asian, or minority ethnic woman to be elected to the Senedd and we cannot wait another 20 years for more to join her.” – Evelyn James, Diverse 5050 Campaign Manager at WEN Wales.

Diversity shouldn’t be a gap that needs to be filled but should be a culture and practice for all’.

Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales are running the Diverse5050 campaign alongside Electoral Reform Society Cymru, Race Council Cymru, and EYST Wales (Ethnic Youth Support Team).

As the Diverse 5050 campaign, our target is diverse and equal representation and leadership in the Senedd and throughout the political structure of Wales. Our vision is to see more Black, Asian, and ethnic minority women, LGBTQ+ women, and disabled women represented in the leadership and representation structure in Wales – a Senedd reflective of the whole Welsh population. We are calling for:

  • Electoral reform that will deliver an enlarged Senedd;
  • Legally-binding integrated diversity and gender quotas;
  • A Senedd elected by the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.

Diversity is who we are, where we grew up surrounded by different faces, voices, experiences, and languages. True development and progress happen only where diverse minds are. Together let’s show the world how true representation should be done. We want to see decision-making in Wales thoroughly informed by the perspectives and lived experiences of people with intersecting identities to produce better policy outcomes for all.

Diverse5050 campaign partners:

Diverse5050 has the support of organisations with approx. 17k members. Add your voice to the Diverse5050 campaign as a supporter by signing up here or by contacting evelyn@wenwales.org.uk.

Send a letter to your MS supporting diverse and equal representation – use our template.


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