The award-winning Diverse5050 campaign is a coalition campaign in partnership between WEN Wales, Electoral Reform Society Cymru, Race Council Cymru, and EYST Wales (Ethnic Youth Support Team). Its aim is to ensure that Wales elects politicians at a local, Westminster and Senedd level that are gender balanced, with meaningful representation from people who are from a Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority background, disabled people, LGBT+ people and people within other protected characteristics. 

The Diverse5050 campaign, started in 2020, specifically called for:  

  1. Electoral reform that will deliver an enlarged Senedd. 
  2. Legally binding integrated diversity and gender quotas.  
  3. A Senedd elected by the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. 

In 2022, phase one of the campaign was successful.

  1. The Senedd voted for an electoral reform on the 8th of June 2022, meaning the number of MSs will grow from 60 to 96.
  2. The Welsh Government, supported by Plaid Cymru, agreed to the implementation of legislative gender quotas. Wales will be the first country in the UK to join the 100 countries around the world that have used gender quotas to embed gender equality in their parliaments.

Phase Two of the Diverse 5050 Campaign aims to:  

  1. Ensure that the draft legislation reflects the agreement on legally binding gender quotas and is within legal competence. 
  2. Ensure political parties have strong measures to ensure diversity of candidates.
  3. Build up grassroots support for the campaign.


Diverse5050 has the support of organisations with approx. 20k members. Add your voice to the Diverse5050 campaign as a supporter by contacting evelyn@wenwales.org.uk. 


More information: 

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