Women and Equality – Snap General Election 2017 Information Bulletin!

Dydd Llun Mehefin 5th, 2017

We want to ensure that women in Wales can exercise their right to vote and are able to make informed decisions about the snap general election on 8th June 2017.

This bulletin presents links to a range of resources that respond to the implications of the election for gender equality and human rights.

For a general guide, see the BBC’s General Election: What you need to know

Gender Equality and the Election

#GE2017forwomen – What are the most important issues for women in the General Election 2017?

“Whether it’s public services, rights at work, violence against women or Brexit, find out the key facts and figures on important issues for women at this election.”

EVAW – What do the Party Manifestos say about Ending Violence against Women and Girls?  

“Everyone who stands for election to public office must commit to ending violence against women and girls.”

 The Fawcett Society – Women and the General Election 2017: Fawcett Women’s Manifesto

“Campaign organisation urges women to mark 100 years of women’s votes, register and make their voices heard”.

 Chwarae Teg, 5 Election Pledges to Support Women in Wales

“Here are some of the key issues we think need to be considered in order to improve the lives of women and advance gender equality.”

 Engender Scotland – UK General Election 2017: Priorities for women’s rights and equality

“Many have been taken by surprise by this election, and while parties are working on selecting their candidates and writing manifesto, we’re keen to make sure that calls for women’s equality aren’t lost in the melee.”

 Young Women’s Trust – What Young Women’s Trust wants from the next Government

“Young Women’s Trust is calling for the next Government to introduce policies that work for young women, especially those struggling to live on low or no pay”.

 Rightsinfo – The Election and Human Rights

 “We’ve picked out the key policies relating to human rights from the party manifestos, so you can make an informed decision on 8th June.”

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