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The Gender Network is a policy forum that brings together voluntary organisations, and others working in Wales with an interest in women’s rights, such as academics, activists and organisations working on gender equality alongside other equalities streams.

WEN Wales is funded by the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) to run this Gender Network, as part of the Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC). The group meets quarterly, and information is disseminated to the network on a weekly basis.

We aim to strengthen women’s rights and gender equality for all women and girls in Wales.

We formulate joint policies as together we have more impact. The more organisations calling for a policy, the more likely it is to happen.  For example, the Gender Network’s Manifesto for the 2021 Senedd elections has been endorsed by 19 Gender Network members.

To become a member of the Gender Network you need to be a member of WEN Wales – Join Us here. Once you are a WEN Member, please email to join the Gender Network.

Gender Network: Manifestos for the Senedd 2021 Elections

Ahead of the 2021 Welsh Parliament elections, many Third Sector organisations have written manifestos recommending policies to political parties.  If adopted they would reduce inequalities and help achieve our vision of a Wales free from gender discrimination.  Those organisations who are part of our Gender Network have published their manifestos below.

WEN Wales’ Manifesto for Closing the Gap on Gender Inequality in Wales was written in partnership with members of the Gender Network, made up of third sector organisations, activists and academics working on gender equality and advancing women’s rights.

Read it in full here: Manifesto for Closing the Gap on Gender Inequality in Wales

Gender Network member organisations’ own manifestos can be found alphabetically below:

Chwarae Teg

‘Manifesto for a Gender Equal Wales’ Manifesto & Mini Manifesto

Disability Wales:

‘Bring Us Our Rights: Disabled People’s Manifesto’ Manifesto & manifesto briefing

Diverse Cymru:

‘Manifesto for a fair and equal Wales’ Manifesto

Electoral Reform Society Cymru:

‘A Manifesto for Democracy: The 2021 Senedd elections’ Manifesto

FTWW: Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales:

‘FTWW Manifesto for 2021: Make Women’s Health a Priority for Wales’ Manifesto & 5 Wants

National Federation of Women’s Institutes-Wales:

‘Manifesto for the Senedd Elections’ Manifesto

Oxfam Cymru:

‘A Wales that Cares for People and the Planet’ Manifesto

Race Alliance Wales:

‘From Rhetoric to Reality: Our Manifesto for an Anti-Racist Wales’ Manifesto & 10 Steps

Welsh Women’s Aid:

‘Creating Change That Lasts: Welsh Women’s Aid – Manifesto Priorities for Welsh Political Parties 2021’ Manifesto