International Networks

WEN Wales represents welsh women and organisations at UK-wide and international levels. We are part of the United Kingdom’s Joint Committee on Women (UKJCW) with our three sister organisations in Northern Ireland – NIWEP, Scotland – Engender, and EnglandNAWO.

The UKJCW was formed as a ‘national co-coordination’ so that women across the UK could engage with the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), the largest European network of women’s associations.

EWL changed their constitution in 2019 to ensure that the UKJCW remains a member of the lobby, regardless of the UK’s membership status at the European Union.

The UKJCW aims to support women and women’s organisations to access information on women’s rights and ensure we are informed on actions other European countries take to promote gender equality.

The UKJCW has a number of responsibilities including submitting motions to the European Women’s Lobby General Assembly. In the past these have included calling for the UK to take action for abortion rights in Northern Ireland and supporting other countries’ campaigns to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

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