Sign up to support measures for a gender-balanced Senedd

Monday April 15th, 2024

Do you believe we should have a gender-balanced Senedd that is representative of the Welsh population? Then add your voice to support measures that could help achieve this.

The Senedd Cymru (Electoral Candidate Lists) Bill mandates that:

1. At least half of the candidates on a political party’s list must be women
2. Where a candidate on the list is not a woman, the next candidate on a political party’s list must be a woman
3. Women must be placed first on at least half of a political party’s candidate lists.

This is a much-needed policy that WEN Wales has been campaigning tirelessly for as part of the Diverse5050 campaign, alongside our coalition partners Electoral Reform Society CymruRace Council Cymru, and EYST.

The Bill was introduced in March and is now undergoing scrutiny by the Reform Bill Committee. As part of this scrutiny, the Diverse5050 coalition submitted a consultation response to the Committee. Our response welcomes this milestone legislation and highlights what action is needed to ensure women with different protected characteristics and from marginalised communities will fully benefit from it – for a Senedd that represents us all.


Please show your support by signing up to our response via this form by Friday 19th April.

Your voice could be crucial in the passage of this legislation and the future of women’s representation in the Senedd.