WEN at Ten

WEN was established 10 years ago, seeking to place women’s rights at the heart of decision making in Wales, so women’s voices are heard on the issues that affect them most.

We are proud to celebrate the progress we have made, a coalition of 1,670 individual and 63 organisational members reaching 36,000 people. A successful mentoring scheme supporting women to expand their horizons and explore opportunities in a unique, supportive, and safe space. Empowering women to become future leaders in political and public life. Funding secured to support disabled people to stand as candidates in the 2022 council elections. Welsh Government committed to enshrining new legal protections for women into Welsh law, via the UN’s Convention the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Over the next 10 years there is still much to do. The time to act is now. Please join us in celebrating our 10th birthday WEN at Ten by supporting our challenge to raise vital funds to ensure we can continue to make an impact for the next 10 years – donate to WEN at Ten via JustGiving.

Workout for WEN at Ten – set your own special ‘10’ challenge to raise £10/£100/£1000!

• 10,000 steps challenge for 10 days/weeks/months

• 10k run

• 10 mile walk/cycle/row/paddle

Extreme challenge for WEN at TEN

• Jump 10,000m from an aeroplane joining the WEN team Sky Dive


• Join us at the WEN Café and donate the cost of your favourite coffee and cake to our WEN at Ten campaign on JustGiving.


Or donate via DonorBox below, where you can set up a monthly donation to support our work.

One vital way to ensure women’ voices are heard is to enable them to be leaders in political and public life, so they can contribute to the decision-making process and decisions made in Wales reflect the 52% of the population that are women. Together with 21 member organisations we are campaigning for gender and diversity quotas to be put in place. Evidence supporting gender quotas shows that they are the single most effective tool for fast tracking women’s representation in elected bodies, already being used by 100 countries and backed internationally by CEDAW.

Our tenth anniversary year will see phase two of the electoral reform process, and increasing the size of the Senedd should go hand in hand with gender quotas. This is time critical, legislation for quotas needs to be in place by the end of 2022 to impact the 2026 elections. Women’s representation in the Senedd is falling, It also hides the lack of diversity of women elected.

If we don’t act now, then we could lose a decade of opportunity.

By joining our celebration and WEN at Ten campaign you can make a real difference where it matters most. You can help us raise vital funds to support our work to deliver a Wales free from gender discrimination.