New Additions to 100 Welsh Women for International Women’s Day 2020

Wednesday March 4th, 2020

Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales reveals new 100 Welsh women for International Women’s Day 2020

Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales is delighted to reveal the new additions to its list of 100 Welsh Women to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 on March 8th. Fifteen new exceptional women have been awarded a place, in recognition of the inspiring impact and legacy they have created in their fields. The latest additions include twelve contemporary women active in their respective fields, alongside, three women who helped shape Wales’ future, having been erased from Welsh mainstream history.

They range from  women like Cheryl Beer who developed a radio station for Alzheimer’s patients to Uzo Iwobi, a lawyer and Equalities Advisor. All the women have incredible stories to tell and have showed huge determination and overcome great barriers to get where they are today.

Catherine Fookes, Director of WEN Wales, says:

Our 100 Welsh women have made great contributions to politics, language, sport, culture, science and industry in Wales. There are some well-known figures on the list, but there are some names that people won’t know, as we want to celebrate unsung heroes too. We hope the 100 Welsh Women list will inspire people to learn more about these women and how they have shaped our history and act as role models for today’s young women.”

WEN Wales will be calling on its members to celebrate the new additions as part of International Women’s Day 2020, and have also launched a toolkit to encourage a swell of activity across Wales.

“We want to encourage as many people as we can to join in an activity on March 8th 2020 to acknowledge the amazing contributions that women have made to our lives in Wales. Everyone can get involved through simple things like making a pledge on social media to celebrating their own #WelshShero to learning more about our #100WelshWomen or coming to one of our events.”

Some of the new nominees have shared their thoughts on being nominated and accepted onto the list:

 “I am absolutely speechless and humbled to receive this wonderful news. Looking back at my 23year old self who arrived in Wales I could not have imagined this moment. Having worked so hard to gain acceptance, to have been mentored by so many amazing people and believe ever so strongly – that by God’s grace, hard work and determination pays off – I thank whoever nominated me and honestly can’t describe how humbled and delighted I am to receive this news from the brilliant WEN Wales team. Thank you all so much for inspiring me – diolch yn fawr from a truly grateful Welsh Nigerian woman.” Uzo Iwobi OBE, Lawyer and Special Adviser on Equalities

“To see my name listed alongside these incredible Welsh women is an honour; a very surreal honour. I’m incredibly proud of my country and our rich heritage and history, and this list of wonderful women and their inspiring achievements is testimony to the great things that can be accomplished not only by women, but women living in this little place we call home.” Non Stanford, Athlete

 “I’m delighted to be awarded a place in such a prestigious Hall of Fame, and feel very honoured to be there. Much of what I’ve done has been due to the encouragement and support of my teams, a few key role models, and the opportunities I’ve been given, and so my thanks go to them, perhaps the real winners!” Professor Kamila Hawthorn MBE


The 15 new 100 Welsh Women are:



Cheryl Beer: Singer / Storyteller / Author
Category: Arts
Location: Llanelli


Bethan Darwin: Solicitor & Founder of “Superwoman”
Location: Rhondda / Cardiff


Suzy Davies AM
Category Politics & Social Reform
Location: Swansea


Rabab Ghazoul: Curator /Community Activist
Arts/ Politics and Social Reform
Location: Cardiff


Uzo Iwobi OBE: Lawyer & Specialist Adviser on Equalities
Category: Politics & Social Reform / Education
Location: Swansea


Professor Kamila Hawthorne MBE, MD FRCP FRCGP FAcadMEd
Category: Science
Location: Swansea


Jane Hutt, Deputy Minister and Chief Whip, AM
Category: Politics & Social Reform
Vale of Glamorgan


Linda James MBE: Bullies Out Educator and Campaigner
Category: Education
Location Cardiff


Llinos Medi: County Councillor and Leader Anglesey County Council
Category: Politics and Social Reform
Location: Ynys Môn


Norena Shopland: Historian
Category Arts
Location: Cardiff


Non Stanford: Athlete
Category: Sport
Location: Swansea


Dr Victoria Winckler: Director, Bevan Foundation
Politics and Social Reform
Location: Merthyr Tydfil



Jemima Nicholas: ‘The Welsh Heroine’  1750 -1832
Category: Politics and Social Reform
Location: Fishguard, Pembrokeshire


Edith Picton-Turbervill MP: (1872-1960)
Category Politics and Social Reform
Location : Bridgend & Herefordshire


Menna Gallie: Author (1919 -1990)
Category Arts
Location: Swansea / Newport, Pembrokeshire