Why you should apply to join our Board

Tuesday August 10th, 2021
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Could you help WEN achieve our vision of a Wales free from gender discrimination? Consider applying to become a Trustee or the Chair!

This month we have started recruiting a new Chair and three new Trustees. We are looking for passionate supporters of gender equality to help make our vision a reality.

Why become a Trustee? Let us hear from those who have been there and done it – our outgoing Trustees.

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Why do people become trustees? I think the key reason is that it’s a way of doing something with your free time that is rewarding and interesting. You get a great feeling from giving your expertise, experience and knowledge to a cause that you believe in. This is good for the soul and for the brain!

Secondly, you get to meet new people and work together on something that all of you are passionate about – and being part of something bigger than you is a great feeling too.

Photo of Joy Kent
Joy Kent

Lastly, you have the opportunity to try new things and extend your knowledge and skills. You get all the positives that come from learning new things, and it’s great for your professional development too.

So why join WEN’s board? Well, if you want to see a Wales free from gender discrimination and you want to do something about that, this is one way you can. I’ve been hugely impressed with the team’s energy, commitment and creativity and you’ll be joining them at a point where the organisation is going from strength to strength. As we deal with the impact of the pandemic and Brexit the world isn’t free of challenges, but there is also a real opportunity to do things differently including changing things for the better for all women and girls in Wales. If that’s something you want to be part of – here’s your opportunity! – Joy Kent, WEN Trustee


Photo of Kerry-Lynne Pyke
Kerry-Lynne Pyke

Being a trustee for WEN Wales has been really enjoyable. I was fortunate to become a trustee after taking part in WEN’s mentoring scheme in 2019, so it has felt like an excellent way to give something back. I have enjoyed working with the talented board and playing a part in helping WEN’s aim to create a more gender equal Wales. This was my first trustee role and I have enjoyed broadening the skills from my day job, getting board experience and making a difference. I would encourage anyone who is interested to apply. – Kerry-Lynne Pyke, WEN Trustee

What we are looking for 

We are looking for three new Trustees (apply here) and a new Chair (apply here). We have identified particular skills gaps in Communications, Commercial and Fundraising. We currently have two trustees from North Wales, one from Aberystwyth and seven from South Wales.  We would like to have trustees from elsewhere in Wales. We would also particularly welcome Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) and disabled applicants as we are committed to a truly intersectional approach. 

Our Diverse 5050 coalition campaign, our flagship Mentoring project, our WEN Cafes, our diverse membership or our ability to influence and challenge Welsh Government will all provoke your interest and inspire you to get involved in driving our small but influential organization.  

Ideally you will be a WEN Wales member  – you can join us here if you are not already. You will have a strong network, a strong commitment to our values and our vision of a Wales free from gender discrimination, and you will be able to offer your energy, time, and strategic thinking.  

Board meetings are once per quarter and we have an annual strategy day. Currently board meetings take place online and there will always be dial in facilities if we return to physical meetings.

About WEN Wales  

Our vision is a Wales free from gender discrimination – a Wales where all women and men have equal authority and opportunity to shape society and their own lives.  

We work with our vibrant coalition of organizational and individual members to transform society. Our work sits under three pillars. We will Connect, Campaign and Champion women so our vision is realized. 

Our three strategic priorities are:  

  • Growing and mobilising the coalition by reaching out to new audiences across Wales. 
  • Campaigning for Diverse 50:50 leadership in the Senedd and in Local Government 
  • Strengthening women’s rights by ensuring CEDAW principles are enshrined in Welsh Law 

You can find out more about our strategy, what we are fighting for, and all our work here.

Full application information for Trustees here, and for the Chair here.