Statement on the ‘Women of Covid’ Campaign

Wednesday August 26th, 2020

The publication of the Women of Covid list, as Chwarae Teg and Welsh Women’s Aid have both acknowledged, was unacceptable. WEN Wales is committed to working with the sector to tackle racism in all its forms. All white lists and panels are not and have never been acceptable and must not be tolerated.

In consultation with our Board members and leaders of the BAME women’s movement, we have written to both organisations, expressing our concerns and asking Chwarae Teg, the lead partner, to instigate a review of actions and processes that led to this situation, by organisations with the relevant expertise. We have asked that the findings and actions are made public so that we can all learn from them and implement and rectify any aspects needed within our organisations, WEN Wales included.

We know that the whole women’s sector in Wales, ourselves included, need to do the work, be active allies and be actively anti-racist.