PRESS RELEASE: WEN Wales Research Launch

Wednesday May 6th, 2015

Dame Rosemary Butler is opening the launch of WEN Wales’ research briefing series on the 6th of May at 12pm in the Oriel Gallery, the Senedd.

WEN Wales are launching their series of research briefings called ‘Women’s Equality Now: the position in Wales today on…’.  The four briefings are based on current research compiled for WEN Wales by the Bevan Foundation and outline where Wales currently stands on the issues of Unpaid Care, Diversity, Devolution and Economic Violence.  The launch takes place at the Oriel Gallery, the Senedd, Cardiff Bay from 12pm – 1pm on Wednesday the 6th of May.

Co-Chair, Monika Borkowska said “Our vision for women and girls in Wales is to have a voice on issues important to them. To make this a reality, we commissioned a series of research briefings highlighting issues where women feel they are most affected by inequality.”

When presented with the Unpaid Care briefing the Presiding Officer for Wales said “Women are disproportionally responsible for caring over the life course compared to men and they are not adequately recognised for it. This has an effect on their health, on their career choices and income. We need to ensure that the contribution of unpaid carers to society is valued.”

With the 2015 Election campaign drawing to a climax, women’s lives are going to face further dramatic change depending on the outcome.  Our briefings outline some of the impact of the last 5 years of government, WEN Wales are pivotal in linking the voices and priorities of everyday women with those in positions of power.

Note to editors

WEN Wales is a network of organisations and individuals working to advance the rights of women in all spheres of Welsh life. We want to create a fairer society in which women live free from sexism and gender discrimination and enjoy equality in all aspects of their daily lives. The role of WENWales is to facilitate communication between our members; to help them coordinate their work and work in partnership and to represent women’s interests at all levels of government.


Sarah Rees, Interim Director, WEN Wales