Election 2015: The Final Countdown

Tuesday May 5th, 2015

With less than 48 hours until we go to the polls, WEN Wales asked the six main parties what their policies were on three of the issues which matter most to women in Wales:

Question 1

Research shows unpaid caring has a more profound impact on women’s lives than any other factor, adversely affecting women’s employment opportunities, income and health.  How will your party reduce the burden of unpaid caring on women in Wales?

Question 2

Women are at greater risk of poverty than men, and poverty in Wales is rising; currently at 23% of the population.  What plans does your party have to reduce the level of poverty in Wales, and in particularly, to provide better economic outcomes for women?

Question 3

Current research shows that 74% of the money saved in benefits and tax changes since 2010 have come directly from women’s pockets.  How will your party redress the balance of the impact of austerity on women in Wales?


We’ve collated their responses here to help you decide which box you’ll be marking with an X this Thursday: Election 2015 – The Final Countdown