Senedd Election Manifestos: WEN Gender Edit

Friday April 30th, 2021

This ‘gender edit’ of political party manifestos in Wales pulls out policies in five key policy areas included in our Manifesto for Closing the Gap on gender inequality in Wales.

It is not intended to give chapter and verse on what the parties promise across the spectrum for women, as many other policies will impact them. However, it includes those policies which explicitly reference women or women’s equality and are within the scope of our five key policy asks of:

  • prioritising women’s health
  • high quality childcare and caring provisions for all
  • diverse representation and legally binding gender quotas
  • enshrining the UN’s CEDAW convention into Welsh legislation and policy
  • ending violence against women and girls

The gender edit makes no comment, analysis, or critique on the commitments of the parties but has collated the key policy promises so that all commitments relevant to women’s equality can be seen in one place. Where there is no commitment relevant in a policy area, the column is left blank.

This ‘gender edit’ is based on the manifestos of those parties that are polling above 2% in either constituency or regional list seats for the Senedd elections on 6th May 2021.[1]

Read the WEN Gender Edit here.